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“The secret life of plants” makes reference to a song by Stevie Wonder. It was part of a soundtrack for a movie of the same name from the 1970s. The movie as well as the publication it was based on advocate the theory of a “primary perception” by plants.

ML: I am less interested in the postulated theory than in the attempt at demonstrating it. I don’t know whether it can be assigned any scientific relevance, but it provides sufficient material for speculation and narratives of supposed realities. This is also precisely what interests me about photography. A medium that is often used as evidence of an apparent reality. I’m generally concerned with a photographic image, the question regarding the narrative element. Regarding the reflection of what has been seen, the possibility of speculating about things, what occurs at the beginning, the irritation in the image. The beginning of a narrative that can be developed from vision. …
The chosen view into the undergrowth shows the coexistence, juxtaposition, and confusion of different things. A shimmering, ornamental chaos. Initially a world that lacks orientation, that changes by the minute, becomes another world with each change in the incidence of light. An unsettling disorder that evades any direct description. Without a focus on anything specific. In this sense, this work, torn out of its spatial context, constitutes a counterpoint to the designatable individual blossoms. …
The work deals with seeing, with the mechanisms of one’s own perception. Reflecting on what is visible by means of describing it. After the tree, the leaf, the branch, the trunk, the foliage, there is initially a lack of words for the complexity. With the approximation, with the progression of the description, as the photographer as well as the viewer of an image I weave one or any number of my own stories, see the hidden fragments of a plot, references in pictorial composition in art history, …
Excerpt from a conversation about the exhibition “the secret life of plants” with Pk. Odessa Co

Brasilia, DF / Goiás, BR
2013 / in progress
80,0 x 57,0 cm / 100,0 x 71,3 cm / 120,0 x 85,6 cm


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