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Josef Wiedemann


Architecture is the separation of two spheres. My clothing is my closest own space. The initial perception of space is the reception of an atmosphere, followed by understanding and describing form and materiality.

I see architecture photography as documentary photography. For the depiction of a work, for reflecting on a design, in a general architectural and social discourse. Photography as the foundation of a learning profession.

Three buildings designed by the Munich-based architect Josef Wiedemann

Allianz Hauptverwaltung, Königinstrasse, Munich
Landesbausparkasse, Karolinenplatz, Munich
Erweiterung der Dresdner Bank, Promenadenplatz, Munich

with Pk. Odessa Co
publication Josef Wiedemann, “Die Wirkung der Dinge”

01 Wiedemann Allianz 01 2014(C) Pk

Picture 002

03 Wiedemann Allianz 09 2014(C) Pk

04 Wiedemann Allianz 04 2014(C) Pk

05 Wiedemann Allianz 06 2014(C) Pk

06 Wiedemann Allianz 05 2014(C) Pk

07 Wiedemann Allianz 07 2014(C) Pk

08 Wiedemann Promenadenplatz DRES 02 2014(C) Pkc

Picture 004

Picture 006

11 Wiedemann Karolinenplatz SPK 07_ 2014(C) Pk

12 Wiedemann Karolinenplatz SPK 09 2014(C) Pk

13 Wiedemann Karolinenplatz SPK 2014(C) Pk