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Theodor Fischer

How can a city be depicted in its characteristic spatial structure beyond dominant atmospheres and iconographic architecture? How does the spatial structure of the context present itself, a context in a framed detail? The photograph is part and the result of research on Theodor Fischer’s urban planning in Munich.

The plans that the architect drew up between 1893 and 1902 laid the foundation for the future urban development of the city of Munich, and in many neighborhoods they continue to have an impact on the characteristic image of the city to this day. From preexisting problems he develops typologies of space that in their structural alignment influence the overall fabric of Munich. The principles of urban design develop site-specific form. The sequence of different spaces is enlivening and at the same time enables overall orientation in the city. When moving through Munich, this continuum visibly comes into its own. The photographic documentation of the building alignment plans thus requires the extensive study of individual plans and a comparative spatial investigation in situ.

4c / with Pk. Odessa Co
120 x 90 cm

sw / for the publication „Theodor Fischer Atlas, Städtebauliche Planungen München“