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Watson´s Hotel, Esplanade Mansion, Kala Ghoda / Mumbai

in collaboration with Simon Schels

The first cast iron structure building in India (1867-1869) was pre-fabricated in England, shipped into Bombay and assembled on site. Located in the former Fort Precinct of the City, the Watson´s Hotel forms an important corner in the center of the Kala Ghoda Art District. The “whites-only” luxury hotel with its 130 rooms and the glamorous central atrium was closed in 1960. The new owner subdivided the building into individual spaces used for residences and offices. The building has a multi-tenanted and multi-user space pattern. In the absence of any common care therefore, the cast iron structure is now failing. Worn out due to years of neglect, inappropriate additions and physical modifications.

since 2010 / sketches

watsons analog 2.tif

02 Watsons House Mumbai 2010 an 19(C) Schels Lanz

03 Watsons House Mumbai 2010 an 33(C) Schels Lanz

04 Watsons House Mumbai 2010 an 24(C) Schels Lanz

05 Watsons House Mumbai 2010 an 4(C) Schels Lanz

06 Watsons House Mumbai 2010 an 5(C) Schels Lanz

07 Watsons House Mumbai 2010 an 01 12(C) Schels Lanz

08 Watsons House Mumbai 2010 an 21(C) Schels Lanz

09 Watsons House Mumbai 2010 an 22(C) Schels Lanz

10 Watsons House Mumbai 2010 an 15(C) Schels Lanz

11 Watsons House Mumbai 2010 an 9(C) Schels Lanz

12 Watsons House Mumbai 2010 an 14(C) Schels Lanz

13 Watsons House Mumbai 2010 an 27(C) Schels Lanz


User, 2001:
Ground Floor: Gala Stationary Mart, Shah Ganshi Danji & Co, Ritu´s Choice, Smart & Hollywood, Air India Baggage Claim, Lucky Copy Center, Sheetal Copy Center, Champion Traders, The Relik, Simla Stationary Mart, The Army Restaurant & Stores, Royal Refrigertion Co., M/s R.K. Trading Corporation, Jaykumar D. Ved Advocate

First Floor: J.C.B Controls, N.B. Bijoor Advocate, T.M. Nad, Brij Bushan Saxena-Advocate, S.K. Dubey-Advocate, Suresh Kamat-Advocate, M. Pestonjee & Co, Ashok M. Saraogi – D.C. Shah – R.R. Verma Advocate, Indian Market Research Bureau, Probe Qualitative Research, Anshuman Exports & Imports Pvt. Ltd, Atlantic Sales & Services, National School of Banking, Om Sai Agrotech Investments Ltd, High Tech Publishing Pvt. Ltd, Utangale Nath & Co, Syrisa Travels Pvt. Ltd, Alfred Associates Importers & Exporters, M. Chandran & Co, Anandeep Orbit & Co, Pranlal D. Shah – Hind Engieneering Corporation, Gem International, N.G. Thakkar & Co, Rajputana Textiles Pvt. Ltd, The United Eastern Agencies, Reshma Ruparel Advertising, Nisha Engineering Consultant, Sanjay Enterprises, Nirman Estate Agency, Dream Merchants, …

Second Floor: Mazda Enterprises, Framroze Sorabji Augra, Jamestone Engineering Co, S. Jamshedji & Co, Cement Industries, Mahendra Shah, Deepak Enterprises, Deepak M. Thakkar – Advocates, N.S.B. Financial Services, A.S. Madon & Co, Mahendra H. Shah, J.B. Trust, Salu & Co, Kamla Builders, Rocket Sales Publicity, Shri.E.K. Thakur, Jades Shipping, Lalla Advocate

Third Floor: Tejas Bhatt Advocate, Manas Enterprises, Mrs. Achala Saxena – Avdocate, The Indian Society for Agricultural Economics, Raju More – Advocate, S. Pardawala, Federal & Rashmikant – Advocate, M/s Sharma & Associates, Raju Z. Moray – Advocate, V.C.K. Share & Stock Broking Co., Ashok Kumar & Co, Jaishree Dagli & Associates, Sudesh Kumar & Associates, Suyashree Finstock Pvt. Ltd, M/s G.R. Pandya, Mrs. Anjana Gupta Advocate, Bharucha Trust

Fourth Floor: S. Radhakrishnan, C.M. Jha. R.A. Rodrigues, Goolnaz Advertising Pvt. Ltd, N. Lmakhijani & Co, Iqbal. Mohd. Yusuf Advocate, Naaz Secretarial, Ranjana Devi Nikam Advocates

*cf.: Urban Design Research Institute / Mumbai