Lina Bo Bardi’s built oeuvre reveals an approach to architecture that timelessly enriches the architectural discourse at all levels of scale. In its process-oriented manner of design, conceptual complexity, and at the same time the direct simplicity of its implementation. Despite or precisely because of its formal pithiness, her built spaces open up manifold possibilities of appropriation and use. They formulate and protect spheres for experimentation by society.


Lina Bo Bardi’s attitude toward architecture approaches that of my photographic work. In the perception of space as a complex situation. In the consideration of people in space. In the quest for a narrative moment in space. In order to appreciate the architectural quality by way of the preexisting potential to experience and act in everyday lived space. The photographs are the result of a phenomenological investigation of buildings. Some of them developed out of the spontaneous spatial interaction between participants on the spot.


publication „lina bo bardi 100“
exhibition: Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich / Watari-Um Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo

film series: Trabalhar com Lina Bo Bardi
cooperation with: Ana Gabriela Castello Branco dos Santos
interview with:
Danilo Santos de Miranda. Diretor do SESC no Estado de São Paulo
Zé Celso Martinez Corrêa. Dramaturgo, ator e diretor do Teatro Oficina
Suzuki. Arquiteto, Dr. Prof. Universidade de São Paulo
Edmar de Almeida. Artista plástico