The beginning of the work is the inquiring exploration of a city by means of extensive, aimless rambling. It’s all there.

A photograph depicts the visible areas of space only. The detail of a real situation at a specific time in the past. How do the levels of the space present themselves? The concreteness, the concept, the complex situation? I want to learn to read what appears. By taking photographs. The thing itself. For an understanding of space and the conditions of space production.
Phenomenological reduction.

Integrated into a culturally coded perceptual pattern, the photograph is readable as a symbolic depiction of a space. At the same time, it establishes a connection to an individual perception and experience. Photographs contain a specific attitude toward things.

People in photographs of architecture. Where am I, where are the others? What am I doing here, and what can any of us do here? Architecture, enduring pithiness in its form, yet at the same time offering a wealth of experience in terms of its versatility. Possibilities of interacting in space. This is where space and the quality of architectural spaces becomes visible. Working with people on the spot is part of my work.